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The Old Charm of George Town

George Town offers some unique style of architecture. These heritage areas have been a melting pot of different people, cultures, races and religions. The uniqueness of these cities need to be observed and appreciated. As an architectural student endeavour into built environment studies, a careful mind, detail observation, and critical thought on all the architectural and planning elements are compulsory to be adequate with. We are required to learn about the building history, architecture design, building components, and pay full attention to the detailing, scales, shapes, forms, ordering principles, colours, materials, method of construction, and other significant feature of the building.

In this project, we were given the opportunity to do an urban sketch at George Town heritage area to learn about the specific building we have selected and its surrounding context. Upon return, we are required to produce a 3D model of the selected two-storey intermediate shop house building facade.


George Town, Penang


Apr 2022


Sketching, Heritage building terminologies and building materials, Model making techniques

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