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A Place of Worship

Redefine Sacral Architecture with Respect

Architects often aim to infuse their creations with meaning. A religious building where spaces depict the intimate relation between Man and God demands much more thought from the architects. These buildings have at least one thing in common: architecture that transforms raw, earthly materials into compositions so powerful they evoke something beyond our world.

Constructing places of worship has always been an intricate practice, managing to detach the human, and release the boundary between body, mind, and spirit. Holy presence has been crucial in designing and constructing sacred places, such as almost all religious buildings possessing similar characteristics: grandiosity, monolithic material, natural elements, and a plan that compliments an individual’s circulation through the space.


Lot 71078, Mukim 12, Barat Daya, Pulau Pinang


March - May 2023


Public Building Design, Passive Design, Cultural Integration, SketchUp, Enscape, Photoshop

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