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Tropical Malaysia House:
The Branching Villa

Tropical Malaysia House is the first project of Semester 1 in 2nd Year Architecture. The house is a necessity for all. It provides the function of shelter for mankind. Whilst the function is a universal standard, the design of houses differs significantly depending on locality, lifestyles, availability of resources, land, and many other variables including culture, history, societal values, and even seasons of climate and life. Architects have long been associated with the continuous evolution of the design of houses. Often setting new design directions, modular standards, material use, finishes, proportions, trends, lifestyles, and aesthetics.

Since its formation, Malaysia and its population have evolved in terms of mentality, character, lifestyle, socioeconomic stature, and culture; these have come to impact the design of their homes. The tropical hot and humid climate is perhaps the only constant, which is challenged by climate change.


Lot 763, Section 4, Lebuhraya Codrington, Georgetown, Penang


Oct - Nov 2022


Tropical Passive Design Strategies, Space Planning, Model Making, UBBL

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