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Nature Retreat: The Orchard Kitchen

Nature Retreat is our final project of Semester 2 in 1st Year Architecture. This nature retreat is a small stand-alone building for relaxation that promotes passive design. It is located at ground level, immerse in nature, and have basic furniture based on the user’s need. The nature retreat will provide a place for those seeking tranquility, inspiration, and sanctuary in nature. The occupant that I for this nature is a Chef.

Passive design and natural ventilation is extremely important for the occupant in this project. Therefore, proper space planning and passive design strategies for tropical buildings have been applied in this project. For example, correct site orientation, large sun shading, cross ventilation and stack ventilation, pitched roof and court yard.


Kampung Sungai Burung, Balik Pulau, Penang


June - July 2022


Tropical Passive Design Strategies, Space Planning, Model Making

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